Incentives and Retrofit Financing

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Learn more about incentives, technical assistance,  and retrofit financing options to improve your building's energy performance.


The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub is a Energy-Regional Innovation Cluster (E-RIC) supported by the US Department of Energy with a mission to improve energy efficiency in buildings in the Greater Philadelphia region, while promoting economic growth and job creation. Based at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, the EEB Hub aims to demonstrate the market viability of integrating energy saving technologies for whole building system solutions; identify policies that accelerate market adoption of energy efficient retrofits of commercial buildings and support policy makers in the development of such policies in the Greater Philadelphia region; and inform, train, and educate people about proven energy saving strategies and technologies whether they design, own, construct, maintain, or occupy buildings. The Hub’s AERO (Advanced Energy Retrofit Opportunity) Fund provides funding opportunities for activities such as integrated design consulting services and installation of building technologies for Hub demonstration activities.



Supported by the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings ProgramEnergyWorks provides expert assistance and low-interest loans to help finance energy efficiency improvements.  These improvements can range from single system or limited energy retrofit, extensive whole building retrofit, to a gut rehab of an existing building.  EnergyWorks provides construction loans, term loans, and lease financing, with amounts ranging from $100,000 - $2,500,000 or more.  EnergyWorks can provide financing for commercial, nonprofit, government, multifamily residential and industrial entities in the Greater Philadelphia region.


PECO Smart Ideas

PECO offers a series of incentives for energy efficiency upgrades under the PECO Smart Ideas programs. With programs for both residential and commercial customers, commercial building owners can take advantage of savings through rebates and programs. PECO offers additional opportunities through the Smart Equipment Incentives program which provides incentives for energy efficient design, improvements and upgrades. For new construction or major renovations, PECO’s Smart Construction Incentives provides support for more energy conscious decision making during the design process to help businesses save both money and energy.


PGW EnergySense

Philadelphia Gas Works’ EnergySense Program offers a series of programs, rebates, and incentives to help customers invest in energy efficiency.  Along with opportunities for residential customers, PGW offers commercial and industrial customers incentives and rebates through three of the six EnergySense initiatives. Broadly, PGW offers incentives of up to $75,000 for energy efficiency improvements through their Commercial and Industrial Retrofit Incentives initiative, with more targeted rebates on efficient boilers and commercial kitchen equipment through the Commercial and Industrial Equipment Rebates.  For new construction project and gut rehabilitation, PGW’s High Efficiency Construction Incentives program offers up to $60,000 in incentives for energy efficiency measures.  


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