Helping Owners, Buyers and Tenants Understand the Energy Efficiency of Buildings

Commercial spaces account for more than half of total building energy use in Philadelphia. While most of us know how energy efficient our vehicles are, few are aware of how energy efficient, or inefficient, their buildings are. Historically, a lack of readily available, standardized information has hindered efforts to incorporate energy efficiency data into the market value of commercial property. To make energy consumption more visible to building owners and managers – as well as to potential buyers and tenants - governments are requiring energy benchmarking and disclosure. Philadelphia now joins Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and New York and others on the list of cities that have adopted strategies to make energy efficiency a major factor in the calculus of building valuation.

Please see the report below which details key takeaways from New York City's first year of experience with benchmarking and disclosure.

Download "New York City Local Law 84 Benchmarking Report" (August 2012).