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The best time for energy efficiency planning? Right now.

The Ordinance and Regulations

In 2012, Philadelphia City Council unanimously passed legislation requiring all large commercial buildings to annually benchmark and report energy and water use to the City of Philadelphia. This law promotes transparency in the commercial real estate market, drives improved energy performance, and promotes savings for building owners and tenants.

Download the full City of Philadelphia Building Energy Benchmarking Ordinance and Regulations


Measuring how much energy a building uses is the first step toward managing and reducing it. But measuring it the right way is important, and thanks to the EPA, we have a free, easy to use tool called Portfolio Manager that has become the industry standard.

Portfolio Manager combines basic information on building attributes (size, type, and use) with utility consumption data to generate an energy performance score based on the building’s performance relative to similar buildings nationwide. Benchmarking energy performance increases transparency and helps building owners and managers identify the best opportunities for savings.

The initial compliance deadline is October 31, 2013. Follow these simple steps to comply with Philadelphia’s Energy Benchmarking law, and unlock the potential for lowering costs and gaining recognition for outstanding energy saving performance.

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